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Dogwalkerin läuft mit einer Gruppe kleiner Hunde durch einen Wald im Herbst

In the beginning, we were a bit skeptical whether it was necessary to hire a dog-walking service. But at some point, thanks to Corona, everything became a bit much, children, home office ... well, everything. We decided to try Ulrike's Kleines Hundeglück and were thrilled from the start. Lola came back completely exhausted. She was totally relaxed :). We got photos in between, it was very nice to see Lola having so much fun with dogs of her size, it's a bit like dog kindergarten :D. We will now give Lola into Ulrike's hands several times a week. :)

– Marie F.

My little one always has a lot of fun when he is with Ulli and is always very tired and satisfied afterwards. I hardly entrust my dogs to anyone, but I have great confidence in Ulli. When I had to leave on the spur of the moment, she even took my 17-year-old demented old Chihuahua lady in need of care and looked after her lovingly. At no point was I afraid that she would be feeling bad. Ulli is a kind-hearted person who puts so much love into this work and you can always be sure that the little ones will have a great day with a lot of fun and joy.

– Julia W.

If you want to treat your dog to a day of fun or hours of fun, put him in the loving and, above all, reliable hands of Ulli. My dog Pixel loves walking in the woods and romping around with her furry friends. Pixel is looking forward to her next adventure with Ulli.

– Anja G.

I have little crossbreeds from Romania. The 2 are still a bit scared and always rather cautious towards strangers and take a long time to gain trust. With Ulrike it was all very different. When first meeting Ulrike, I almost didn't recognize my two babies. After a short sniff, I was almost forgotten 😅 Ulrike must be something like a dog whisperer, I can't explain it to myself otherwise 🤔. I thought back and forth for a long time whether I could even give my babies to someone else because of their fearfulness. Even with family and friends, it was more of an emergency solution because they are pretty fixated on me. But getting to know each other took away all fear. Ulrike treats my little ones very lovingly and warmly and the conversation we had about their quirks and preferences took all my fear away. She is really interested and very empathetic. My little ones are usually a bit stressed and very clingy after they have been somewhere else (be it for work or appointments). They always stick to me for fear that I might go away again. But after the walks with Ulrike and her lively troop, they are very balanced, happy and of course wiped out 🤣  But that's fine with me with the 2 whirlwinds. I can only warmly recommend Ulrike. My dogs and I have had a more relaxed and happier life since then 😊

– Melija H.

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