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Terms & Conditions

1. Contents of contract


The services offered by the dog-walking service include the pick-up and delivery of the dog. The pick-up of the dog takes place either at home or at another agreed location. During the journey, the dog is fastened to the back seat or in a secured dog box in the dog transport vehicle of the dog-walking service.


The dog-walking service offers its services from Monday to Friday in the form of group walks. Service does not take place on national holidays.


The duration of the group walk with pick-up and delivery is between approx. 4 to 5 hours (depending on distance and number of dogs). Of these, the dog is outdoors for at least 2 hours. Force majeure (storms, heavy rain, etc.) can shorten the care time by the dog-walking service.


During the walk, the execution service works with rewards through food, games, or pets, depending on the dog. Known food intolerances are taken into account and specified by the customer in the contract. The dog-walking service is not obliged to clean the dog of ticks, burrs, and dirt.


The registration of the dog with the dog-walking service is binding. The dog owner is obliged to fill out the registration form truthfully and completely.


Further agreements between the dog owner and the dog-walking service are to be noted seperately on the contract, in particular the handover of keys and frequency of participation.



2. Prerequisites for participation


The dog owner assures that they have answered all questions about the dog correctly and completely to the dog-walking service. Any potential danger, previous misconduct, and in particular bite injuries caused by the dog must be reported.


The registered dog must have liability insurance, be chipped, free from parasites, and vaccinated according to its age. Furthermore, the dog-walking service requires that statutory provisions (such as tax registration, insurance, and chip requirements) are complied with.


The dog owner guarantees that his dog does not have any contagious diseases at the time the contract is concluded. During the contract period, the dog-walking service must be truthfully informed about diseases of the dog.


If the dog's health is impaired during the care period, the dog owner agrees to veterinary treatment in consultation with the dog-walking service. The dog owner bears the resulting costs alone. In emergencies, the dog-walking service can also act on its own without consulting the dog owner.


3. Temporary exclusion from care by the dog-walking service


Should a parasite infestation (by fleas or similar) be found, the dog will be temporarily excluded from the dog-walking service. The dog will only be looked after by the dog-walking service again after a veterinary certificate confirming that it is free from parasites.


Bitches in heat as well as dogs with illness-related (not contagious) limitations or social deficits can only participate in the dog-walking service after a detailed and timely arrangement.  



4. Obligations


The dog-walking service is committed


  • to keep or walk the dogs in a manner appropriate to their species and behavior and to observe the animal welfare law and its ancillary provisions.

  • not to knowingly expose a dog to danger, to treat the dogs well, and to always take the best possible care of the dogs.

  • to notify the dog owner and the authorities to be informed (police, animal shelter) immediately if the dog escapes.

  • when handing over the house key, keep it safe, not pass it on to third parties and not take third parties into private rooms without prior agreement.

  • to reserve the dog's place in the group if the customer has taken out a monthly subscription.


The dog owner is committed


  • when registering, to submit a copy of the liability insurance and a current copy of the vaccination certificate of their dog without being asked.

  • to provide unsolicited information about changed characteristics of the dog which are relevant for the dog-walking service. These can be: behavioral problems, changed social behavior, illnesses, parasite infestation, pregnancy, heat, or the like.

  • to assume all costs of a visit to the vet during the care provided by the dog-walking service.

  • to notify the execution service of any conditions imposed by the authorities.



5. Liability


During the care, the dog owner remains the owner according to §833 BGB (animal owner risk liability). The dog-walking service assumes no liability for damage caused by the dog during the care period through no fault of the dog-walking service. The professional liability insurance of the dog-walking service is liable for damage caused by the dog-walking service.


The dog owner is hereby informed that there is a residual risk of accidents, biting, injuries of all kinds, running away, even death of the dog while in the care of the dog-walking service. The dog-walking service assumes no liability for the dog escaping through no fault of its own, as well as damage that may result from it, and health consequences.


If the dog owner does not notice that their bitch is in heat and/or fails to notify the dog-walking service in time, the dog-walking service assumes no liability for the consequences of mating.


The dog-walking service is not liable for any damage, theft, etc. in the dog owner's apartment. The dog-walking service also assumes no liability for collars, leashes, and similar equipment.


Should a dog run away contrary to expectations, the dog-walking service is not liable for any damage to the dog or to third parties. However, the dog-walking service commits to take all necessary steps (animal shelter, police, etc.).


Liability for damages under civil law is hereby expressly excluded.


6. Prices, Payments & Cancellations


The valid prices can be found on the website of the dog-walking service. At the time the contract is concluded, the current prices apply. A second dog from the same household receives a 10% discount.


All services are to be paid in advance by bank transfer, at the latest when using the services provided by the dog-walking service.

Bank details:

Name: Krüger Ulrike
IBAN: DE81 1001 1001 2623 0111 49


For owners of a monthly subscription:

Subscriptions are to be paid at the beginning of the month, at the latest by the 10th of each month. The dog-walking service pledges to reserve the spot even when the dog is on vacation.


The subscription prices are calculated on the basis of year-round care. In order to make it uncomplicated and calculable for all parties, the prices have already been reduced beforehand by an amount that takes into account the expected absences of the dog and the dog-walking service (vacation, illness, holidays, and other absences).


In this way, a constant monthly amount remains for all sides, which is paid continuously by the dog owner and takes into account all absences on both sides. This offers the dog owner a constant and reduced price and a permanent place in the group.


If, due to an accident, illness, or other operational reasons, the dog-walking service is unable to offer the care on the agreed date, if it is not provided to the agreed extent or if care that has already started is terminated prematurely, the dog-walking service is not liable for damage or any expenses incurred by the dog owner.


In these cases, however, if the cancellation goes beyond the vacation / illness / training times already included in the prices, the pro-rata remuneration already paid will be reimbursed or, if possible, care will take place on an alternative date.


The monthly subscription is automatically extended until canceled. The notice period is 1 month at the end of each month. Termination is possible in writing by post or email.


Upgrading or downgrading the monthly subscription to more or fewer days per week (e.g. from 2x per week to 3x per week or vice versa) is possible at the end of each month. The new number of walks per week will take effect from the following month. The notification can be made in writing by post or e-mail.


The dog-walking service reserves the right to terminate the dog without notice in the event of inappropriate behavior by the dog, such as aggressive behavior towards dogs or people.


Cancellations for the use of the dog-walking service must be communicated by telephone or e-mail no later than 24 hours before the start of care, unless the dog is in heat or sick. The timely cancellation serves to optimally prepare the routes in order to be able to use the time outdoors with the dogs as best as possible.


For owners of a 3- or 10-pass card:

3- and 10-pass cards are valid for 6 months. This means that the stamp cards purchased when purchasing a 3 or 10-pass card must be used up within 6 months. Unused walks expire at the end of the 6-month period.


To make an appointment, the dog owner is obliged to contact the dog-walking service by phone or email at least 3 working days before the desired start of care. The dog-walking service does not guarantee the availability of the requested dates, but commits to suggesting an alternative date.


Cancellations for the use of the dog-walking service must be communicated by telephone or e-mail no later than 24 hours before the start of care, unless the dog is in heat or sick.


In the event of cancellations less than 24 hours before the planned start of care, the dog-walking service reserves the right to charge an expense allowance in the amount of the daily rate or to reduce the number of available walks by one.


7. Data protection


The dog owner's data will be treated confidentially by the dog-walking service and will not be passed on to third parties. The data of the dog owner are used for invoicing and to pick up / bring the dog. For environmental reasons, invoices are sent by email. If the dog owner wants paper invoices, a short written message by email is sufficient.


The dog-walking service takes photos and videos of the walks and dogs so that the owner can see how the time with the dog was used. These photos and videos are made available and published on the social media channels (e.g. Instagram and WhatsApp) as well as on the website of the dog-walking service so that every dog ​​owner can view the daily activities at their own discretion and is not disturbed during their own daily events. The dog owner consents to this use.


Severability clause


Should individual clauses of these terms and conditions be or become legally ineffective, the remaining provisions remain unaffected and the terms and conditions as such are effective.


Place of jurisdiction


The place of jurisdiction is Berlin


This contract is written in German and in English. In the event of a discrepancy, the German-language version shall prevail. 


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