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Your benefits at a glance

My dog-walking service is distinguished by harmonious small groups of dogs up to approx. 12 kilograms. As a professional dog walker, it is my goal to aid and support you in meeting the individual needs of your dog. You will no longer need to rely on family, friends, or neighbors who usually take care of your little one during the day. Your dog will get everything they need and you'll have more time to cuddle on the couch in the evening – 

with a calm relaxed dog.

Neugieriger Chihuahua zwischen Beinen mit derben Schuhen

Contact at eye level

Small dogs are physically inferior to large dogs and can therefore often feel inhibited when playing. My dog-walking service is aimed specifically at small dogs up to approx. 12 kilograms. Your dog can feel right at home with their peers and play and romp to their heart's content. As a result, your dog is more relaxed and calmer.


Harmonious groups

When putting together the group I make sure that all dogs are chipped, vaccinated, dewormed, not in heat, and socially compatible. In addition, all dogs must have a certain level of physical fitness and be older than 6 months to allow everyone to go at the same pace. This is how I make sure that your dog has as much fun as possible on our walks together.


Professional care

As a professional dog walker, your dog is in safe hands with me. I cater individually to the specific needs of small dogs. In case anything happens, your little one is covered by my professional liability insurance. It is only after a period of acclimatization and with your consent, that I will let your dog walk without a leash.

Hundeboxen im Transportfahrzeug

Specially converted vehicle

For our walks I will pick up your dog in a purposefully converted, air-conditioned vehicle from your home or office. For fear-free transport, your little one can either sit in one of the spacious boxes in the back or be fastened safely to the back seat. In order to keep the transport times as short as possible, my catchment area is limited to Prenzlauer Berg.


Glücklicher rennender Terriermischling in der Natur

Relief for you

Life in the big city can be stressful and there is often little time for yourself. Concentrate on your work or your own needs without a guilty conscience, while I provide your dog with an eventful day. Your little one gets to experience extensive contact with other dogs and comes back to you happy and satisfied at the end of the day. A win-win situation for everyone involved.


Berlin dog law

After getting to know your dog, I assess which group they could fit well into. Fixed run days allow your little one to get used to the community and to make dog friends. My greatest ambition is to put together harmonious groups. Steady structures and processes not only give your dog a feeling of safety, but also give you planning security.

Are you interested?

Then please contact me and we will arrange a no-obligation first meeting free of charge.

Zwei kleine Hunde jagen sich im Spiel
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