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About the dog-walking service

Dogwalkerin Ulrike Krüger mit ihren beiden Terriermischlingen

Ulrike Krüger

Trained animal keeper with several years of experience in dog care

I've always had a special place in my heart for animals. It was clear to me from an early age that my job would be in animal care. After successfully completing my apprenticeship as an animal keeper, I gained over 10 years of professional experience with respect to animal shelters and pet boarding facilities. Since the beginning of 2021 I've been certified by the veterinary office Lichtenberg and have obtained an official permission to lead dog groups. In addition to this, I am continually expanding my professional knowledge, such as in seminars on topics of behavior relating to play, aggression, and group interaction of dogs.

Even privately, dogs have been with me all my life. My terrier crossbreeds Lotti & Michi have made me aware of the particular needs of small dogs. They taught me that small dogs tend to feel inhibited when they come in contact with larger dogs, as they often have bad experiences due to the differences in size and weight.

My philosophy & values

My goal is to offer a high-quality walk that provides a balance to life in the big city and meets your dog's natural needs. Accordingly, there is no kilometer goal for me. Instead, the walks are adjusted daily to the weather and temperature. For example, on hot days we will go to the lake and when it rains heavily, you'll find us in the forest instead, where the dogs can play, romp and sniff together at eye level with other dogs.


To ensure that each dog is looked after individually, the walks take place in small groups. This also allows the dogs to get to know each other better and become more confident with each other over time. Even if the composition of the group changes from time to time, my two terrier mixes Lotti & Michi will always be there to offer familiar faces for your dog.

The well-being of your darling is always my top priority. That is why I am equipped for all weather conditions and always carry spare coats with me, to accommodate unforeseeable weather changes. It is also important to me that all dogs are socially acceptable and have a certain level of basic obedience. In addition, I only work with positive reinforcement.

My philosophy also includes a strong focus on sustainability. I have been vegan for many years and largely do without plastic. It is therefore important to me to also express the sustainability concept in my dog-walking service.


Your dog will be transported in a purposefully converted, climate-friendly vehicle. Thanks to LPG gas, the vehicle emits 16% fewer CO₂ emissions than conventional vehicles. In addition, I only use plastic-free dog waste bags. Since the environment is so important to me, I use healthy and species-appropriate organic ingredients when making my homemade dog treats. This also allows me to cater to the preferences of your dog and ensures that I always know what I have fed them. 

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